Introduction to Brain Injuries

I have two sources who have given me an illustrative understanding to the effects of a brain injury. Imagine all your memories and segments of life being files. When a brain injury occurs, it is as if someone tossed all the files of your life into the air and every single memory and experience are scattered all over the ground. Then we as brain injury survivors have to reexperience them all and file them away or label them in such a way that we can reach the next level. In my life, many of the areas that have been problematic to me, I have stuffed into files for “later” (if ever), thus creating more baggage in my life. The beauty of this brain injury is to finally be a victor over life’s harshness.Herein lies the reason I have this blog… to impart these challenges and victories to others who may be overcoming brain injuries, have loved ones in this process, or gaining self-help and understanding of one’s own life.


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