Greater Overstimulation Issues Due to TBI

I believe that my mother has Aspberger’s Disorder as she is overstimulated tactilely, audibly, and visually. I have always had a sensitivity visually and audibly. For instance, loud noises and people doing things like twitching or even clicking a pen repeatedly has always gotten on my nerves. However, since my brain was injured, this has increased. I equate my issues with a motto that my husband taught me. “If you don’t play the game, you don’t lose.” This means that I tend to steer away from loud noises and urge my children to stop deterring from being fidgety. If they don’t, I tend to leave their presence, as it bothers me and effects my mood in a negative fashion. I do not appreciate a downward spiral in my disposition, so I choose to not play the game as much as I can.


One thought on “Greater Overstimulation Issues Due to TBI

  1. I am, and Renee is my legal middle name.. my first name is more preposterous. However, I have been using the name Abi for close to two decades. I am no longer with my first husband nor is he alive. ONE DAY, I will be legally changing my name to Abi AFTER our youngest is an adult and no longer needs his school knowing why this crazy lady does not use her given name on valid paperwork


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