Overcoming the Injury’s Victory

Part of last week along with this week, I have been helping  in the recycling of our old woodworking that Dan cut, planed, routed, installed, and sealed in our former home. On THE DAY which caused both my former brain injury, spinal and rib injuries along with a fractured toe in my left foot, I was tossing the remainder of the woodworking that was on the second floor over the banister on the porch. Inertia hit (pun intended), and I happened to fall onto the paved driveway as well.

The interesting issue with working with this beautiful wood now is how haunting it can be… to know that I was trying to save it all within our move. Ironically, it nearly cost me my life. I am pleased to say that I am more neutral about seeing this wood, even though it can still be haunting at times. However, I am proud to state that as an impatient individual in many ways, TIME is a difficult to let pass to reach one’s destination; but I have overcome a good bit of the eeriness that has shadowed my mentality at times as I peer at the piles of woodworking that I pulled from our former abode.  My main focus is to achieve the new goals by helping prepare the wood for its new location as well as occasionally even be the one to install it.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming the Injury’s Victory

  1. It’s always a little eery revisiting the things that took so much from us. The steep stairs in my parents’ house, that I fell down in 2004 — and nearly lost everything — they still give me pause.

    And I hang onto the bannister.


  2. I agree. Dan and I drove through our old home’s parking lot, and it was a little foreboding to be there. I am sure it was more ominous for him as he has the memories of THAT DAY as well as the effects of visiting me in the hospital, as the hospital kept me in a daily coma. I did have moments where I was coherent; however, due to the drugs they gave me, I have very few memories of the first three and a half weeks.


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