New Perspectives Create a Different Outlook; When You Change Your View of the World, the World Changes

I have added more information to this post, so even if you have previously read this post, you have a wider spectrum presented.


When I was a child, my mother would often tell me her problems and hurdles in her life,even when I was young. Being I was so innocent and oblivious, I did not know that MY OWN VIEW AND PERSPECTIVE MATTERED to my own development as a person. The effect was that I wanted to change the world, be there for my mother in ways I could not. Thus the beginning of my low self-esteem from which I am recovering. Meanwhile, I have been making emotionally and mentally healthy changes which I would advise to others. At times, that has commenced lifestyle shocks depending on the circumstances. HOWEVER, I have a new stance on the changes I make. I do not know if many of you remember the show or movie Dragnet, but Joe Friday’s attitude towards others in his and his partner’s quest to investigate crimes is to focus on the facts versus the drama. Time after time, Mr. Friday has the chance to jump in with the dramatic aspects of people’s lives; however, he knows his purpose. With that in mind, THE FACTS of these changes I am making is that I have a new manager (even though it is still me). When one starts a career with one manager and then that manager retires or relocates, a new manager replaces the original one at the beginning of the job. Therefore, the employees may have to adjust to what “on time” is. This is true with my own life. I used to allow people to walk all over me.However,now it is outwardly like someone poked the bear. Whether it makes sense or not, standing up for myself as a person has at times evoked tears. However, focusing on the facts. I’m my own new manager and this is the way I do things now helps eliminate or reduce the shock as I focus on “just the facts, ma’am.” The truth is when we change our view of the world, the world changes. In this stance of changing oneself can be shocking. But if one views himself differently (like having a new manager internally), the view of himself and even the whole situation changes, making it more amiable to experience.

I have always mentally wore a pair of size umpteen steel-toed boots. There is only one person I would kick in the rear, and that is myself. Among poker players, there is much talk about “would’ve, should’v e, could’ve” as the players proverbially kick themselves for hands they should have won,could have folded, and would do if they could repeat the moment. Emotionally, I have played a poor game of poker throughout my life. However, I have a new habit that I am building. I mentioned this term in this book. SILVER LININGS. Due to a failure comes more wisdom and  knowledge. With that, there is so much more ability to succeed and even pass on that new knowledge and wisdom to those whom I love and also those who concern me. Robert F. Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fail and lose; I want to succeed and achieve my goals!


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