Eating with No Smell (Anosmia) with Textures

This is Part two of the anosmia series. Anosmia is when an individual cannot smell.  The following is an outline of different foods and the textures they offer. This segment will be regularly updated, as this is a new adventure. Ideas for me to try would be greatly appreciated so I can find new combinations of foods that give me more than one of four tastes along with texture and, on occasion, sensation.

Casseroles, salads,chunky ice creams and soups have several different textures as there are several whole foods in them. The issue is that with most manufactured foods, whether premade or mixes (like stuffings or cakes) that there is only one texture versus eating whole foods that still have their natural textures.

Chips, chocolate shell, ice cream cone, foods deep-fried in batter,nuts, cookies (unless fresh), pomegranate seeds, chocolate chips, chilled ganache

Caramel topping, nut butters. warm ganache

Alfredo Sauce, Ice cream, flan, pudding, smoothie, creme brulee, melted chocolate, ganache, chocolate sauce


Cake, pancakes, waffles, quick bread (like banana bread)

More than one texture:
Pomegranates (crunch and then gush juice), kumquats (you bite through the thick skin and then they gush juice)



Juice Gushing:

Pomegranate seeds, kumquats


5 thoughts on “Eating with No Smell (Anosmia) with Textures

  1. So glad to find a website focused on living with Anosmia. I am trying to find a way to live a full life with Anosmia. Since I am losing weight, I need to improve my interest in meals. I find that I most enjoy eating food with many textures and a variety of tastes. If a meal is simple, by that I mean limited in textures and tastes, I get bored and finish my meal unsatisfied.

    To heighten my interest in meals, I add texture, multiple foods and complicated tastes. I like foods that have more that two tastes, e.g. sweet-sour-salty, sweet-salty-spicy. Lately I am drawn to foods with BBQ sauce or spicy-salty combos such as BBQ ribs, spicy chicken wings. I purchase sweet-spicy dips from Trader Joes (West coast gourmet store) and put them on fish or chicken breasts. I also try to serve two vegetables with each meal so I have more variety of texture: squash and kale or broccoli and salad. My husband makes me salads with lots of things added: sunflower seeds, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, artichoke hearts, olives, nuts, (not all at once), The possibilities are endless.

    Snacks: I try to have fruits and veggies to snack on in the frig. Fruits vary in texture and are sweet while veggies have texture and some like carrots are sweet. Right now I am feasting on melons: water melon, honeydew and cantalope. If you parboil broccoli and carrots, you can use them to dip into healthy dips such as humus or guacamole.

    I am looking for new ideas for things to eat. Thanks for setting up your blog on Anosmia. Maybe a gourmet cook with Anosmia will set-up a website and provide recipes and ideas for us.


  2. Thank you for your reply. One thing I am doing is to try each food or spice without anything added in order to define what different foods and spices give. Many, as you know only give textures. However, as we both have stated TEXTURES ARE NOT TO BE DISMISSED!


  3. Thank you for your website.
    As my anosmia has developed I now treasure some foods that used to be too “strong” like sardines and tangy cheeses (e.g. blue cheese and feta). I bake whole wheat cakes topped with ground walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon. These combine for a satisfying texture and I can taste the cinnamon quite a bit. Cold cereal with almonds or added walnuts is good too. I keep a thick crockery cereal bowl in the freezer so it keeps the milk cold all through the sitting.
    Since I also have to deal with heart disease I have to limit myself on two things I now find very pleasurable: Meat and salty snack chips.


  4. I’m addicted to fresh or dried mango, dried apples, dried cranberries, vanilla ice cream , popcorn, kale salads, organic Lemonade and teas. I find that organic foods and condiments make me happier than other choices.
    I lost 20 pounds from dropping Pepsi, but I got back on it from habit and I’ve dropped it again. On occasion, I drink Vanilla Coke for a punch.
    I have to watch my alcohol consumption. I can down it like water because it’s not as strong to me anymore.
    This blog, like you Abi, is wonderful!
    Hang in there guys! We can do this if we stick together and support one another!


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