Sense of Smell Gone & Sense of Taste Next to Nothing. The Adventure Begins

First off, I will be dabbling with this post the most. I may wind up creating a page for each category. However, this is the first PARTIAL rough draft.

How does one learn to deal with not smelling? There is so much linked to smell…more than one imagines: memories, emotions, relationships, childhood, food, etc. When you cannot smell, you don’t get to feel relaxed when your loved one wears cologne or perfume. You will not smile inside when you are cooking your favorite dish. You cannot smell when there is mildew, must, mold, corrupted food etc. Furthermore, you could only taste one of four things: sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. In essence,95% of all tastes are gone. For instance, for me, a banana, vanilla pudding, and cake all tastes the same: sweet. The End. Textures and sensations (heat from chilies, cool from ranch dressing or sour cream, etc.) are higher precedents.

This causes us to be angry and bitter (Ha-ha! Pun intended!) We often lose weight and may want our feeding tubes reinserted. I fight with that myself; however, the parent in me knows that is not healthy. Living life like I’m one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring and going on an adventure is a far healthier and positive way of living. I have recently understood the dynamics of texture and sensations teemed with how few tastes I can have at a time. And so it goes: the beginning of a new quest. On this page, I am going to post various things when I appreciate a texture in the dish/item or the sensation. Furthermore, I will define how some things taste. You may want to know the reason. Well, even if you do not have this issue, you may learn that someone does in your life. FURTHERMORE, while talking to a friend who caters, she responded and said that the huge issues for me are still in those who can smell and taste fully. The things that to me are the highlights are still the undertones for the general public that cause a greater depth to whoever can experience smelling and eating fully.

When we are picking foods that are premade or manufactured, it is helpful to read the ingredients, as the ones listed first are the ones that dominate the food product. This gives a clue to the potential tastes, textures, and sensations.

Cumin, ground mustard, blue cheese

Bananas, Semisweet chocolate (no bitter.. only one taste), Flan, Pudding, Cake, Ketchup, Barbecue Sauce, Soda, white chocolate (sweeter than dark or milk chocolate, peanut butter (sugar is a main ingredient in most peanut butters)

Foods with the primary ingredient of taste being vinegar (i.e. pickles, mstard), raspberries, cranberries, pomegranates, kumquats

Chips, French fries,soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce

No Flavor, only texture at best (liquids do not provide this)

Fish, chicken, turkey, ground meat, beef (pretty much any meat without seasoning), bread, horseradish, wasabi, pasta, rice, standard coffee both caffeinated and decaffeinated, Tea, Milk (cannot even taste rotten milk), black pepper (not enough to have texture), Smoked foods and barbecued foods are dominated by smell, so smoky is not a flavor to anosmiacs.

I have a challenge to my readers: feel free to contact me through comments, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to tell me what to taste so I can conjure new combinations. I will be creating two more posts: one for sensations. The other for textures.

There is more information about people like us at:

In this article, it reveals that we offer suffer depression, moreso than those who have lost sight. I know it may sound immensely insane; however, we can become accustomed to being blind. Leave the furniture the way it is. Count steps. Listen to one’s surroundings, etc.


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