Day to Day Life with Anosmia (Loss of Smell)

Losing my sense of smell has been quite a hurdle to jump. For one, I have been a wife and mother for twenty-five years.Being those have been my roles, I have been the head of cooking and cleaning. When you cannot smell, you cannot know when your child starts a load of laundry and it sits then gains mildew. You also cannot taste food but 5% of what everyone else tastes. The only thing we can taste is sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. We have sensations down our throats due to heat (through chilies), cool (through sour cream or ranch dressing), and burning (through sodas). When one defines oneself by cooking and/or cleaning or even supervising either or both those, our deficits are emphasized, and we often feel like failures. Furthermore, the joy of eating or even serving food is gone. Eating is a chore, and so is preparing and cooking foods for those we love, being we cannot agree that what we prepare is worth their time and energy.

Upon researching anosmia, I have read that we often die within five years of the event that causes our loss of smell. I believe this is largely due to lack of education. For instance, I was never told it was possible that I may find I cannot smell. Furthermore, when I asked my doctor about it, he simply stated that is the way my life will be. There was never any talk of the dangers of not being able to smell.

I have accidentally swallowed bleach thinking it was water with lemon. I have burned beans and not smelled the smoke nor had my eyes water, let alone my lungs even being affected. Not having smell is so important! My goal within at least the next few posts is to teach what should occur to live a more precautious life after it is known one cannot smell.


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