Genesis’s “Throwing It All Away” Rewritten

Need I say I love you
Need I say I care
Need I say that interests,
Something we don’t share
I don’t want to be on the town
Trying to find sanity
Cos you know I know baby
That I don’t wanna go.

I do not game with you.
You don’t sing from your heart
That’s the situation
It’s in all our parts
Every time that I look at you
I can see the future
Cos you know deep inside me
That I don’t wanna go.

Throwing singing away
Throwing dancing away
There is nothing that we can say
To make me change my mind
I watch the world go round and round
And make mine turn so upside down
I’m creating a brand new day.

Now you will light up the darkness
I will hold your hand
We will find all the answers
When we don’t understand
You will not be the one
succeeding in convincing
To sever our time, baby
Cause I don’t wanna go.

No day will I be sorry
I am already free
Memories will remind us
That our love is meant to be
Late at night when you call my name
The only sound you’ll hear
Is the sound of my voice calling
responding to you.

Just throwing it all away.
Creating a brand new day.
There’s nothing we can say.
Yes, I’m throwing my passions away…

Rewritten 5/16/2015