My Accident

I had a traumatic, life-changing accident on August 24, 2014 that ould have cost me my mobility and/or my cognitive skills or even my entire life. My family and I lived in a Victorian home in the North Hill neighborhood Downtown Pensacola. We were waiting for the house be foreclosed upon due to the increase in taxes and insurance being based on the price of the loan to the total replacement value of the house. I fell from the second story balcony, which is roughly fifteen feet high. I fell onto the paved driveway. The second floor is approximately fifteen to twenty feet high. The fall caused many fractured vertebrae: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. One became crushed and one partially crushed. I also had cracked ribs.


I would not doubt if you are wondering WHAT I was DOING. Well, being we knew the house was being reposessed, I had pulled most all of the woodworking my husband planed, routed, sealed, and hung: lapboard, corners, window and door trim, crown moulding, baseboards, quarter round, etc. After that, I brought them to the first floor and loaded them in the truck’s bed. However, August 24th, there was only nine days left until the foreclosure auction. Instead, I threw all the woodworking across the balcony bannister. Inertia hit me (pun intended) and plummeted me to the ground along with the woodwork.


I was hospitalized until October 3, 2014. Dan transported me to Baptist Hospital; however, they said between my brain injury and the traumatic spinal damage that I was too great of a challenge for them. Baptist Hospital transported me to University of South Alabama’s hospital in Mobile, Alabama. I was there until September 17, 2014 and then transported to West Florida Rehabilitation Center for care and daily therapy: physical, occupation, speech, and recreational.


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