I had a traumatic, life-changing accident on August 24, 2014 that ould have cost me my mobility and/or my cognitive skills or even my entire life. My family and I lived in a Victorian home in the North Hill neighborhood Downtown Pensacola. Nine days before we were to be totally vacated from the house, I threw some woodwork from the second-floor balcony. The banister and I fell from the second story balcony, which is roughly fifteen feet high. I fell onto the paved driveway. The second floor is approximately fifteen to twenty feet high. The fall caused many fractured vertebrae: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. One became crushed and one partially crushed. I also had cracked ribs.


I had pulled most all of the woodworking my husband planed, routed, sealed, and hung: lapboard, corners, window and door trim, crown molding, baseboards, quarter round, etc. After that, I brought them to the first floor and loaded them in the truck’s bed. However, August 24th, there was only nine days left. Instead, I threw all the woodworking across the balcony banister. Inertia hit me (pun intended) and plummeted me to the ground along with the woodwork.


I was hospitalized until 3 October 2014. Dan transported me to Baptist Hospital;  however, they said between the brain injury and the traumatic spinal damage that I was too great of a challenge for them. Baptist Hospital transported me to University of South Alabama’s hospital in Mobile, Alabama. I was there until September 17, 2014 and then transported to West Florida Rehabilitation Center for care and daily therapy: physical, occupation, speech, and recreational.


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