My Family

My husband and I have a beautiful family of eight children: five daughters and three sons. I have seven children from a prior marriage, and Dan has a daughter from his previous marriage. Even though we both are not in our first marriages, we have an amazing love story. Furthermore, the children which we have raised together are ones to be proud of who they are and who they will become.


Dan is my loving charming husband. We have been together for six years and have been married for three and a half years.He has always been supportive to my life, whatever its stage. He is a brilliant teacher both in the area of dance as well as life lessons. Many posts originate from an in-depth conversation between the two of us.

Camellia, who is almost 23, owned her own businessses from the age of twelve to seventeen. Camellia visits or calls me more than once a week to insure I am doing well.

Rachel, 21, is a straight A student at Troy State University. We see Rachel on her school holidays when they allow her enough to commute here and return to her apartment.

Brittnee, 19, has been living solely with her mother since the beginning of my relationship with her father. Being that I am a mother and love my husband greatly, I feel the loss of her in our lives and miss the possibilities to have had another daughter in our lives without the possibility of her feeling threatened or diminished.

Karalea, 19, has a job and is already supporting herself. She also checks on me regularly.

Jonathan, 17, is a hard worker and very supportive. He helped us restructure our new ballroom and massage studios and is proactive about seeking work for those in our neighborhood.

Joshua, 15, proved to be insightful at an early age. He’s the one we love picking on and jibbing the most. If he was a young gentleman with no abilities, we would not pick on him the way we do. He even gets a kick out of our jokes.

Naomi, just shy of 13, is a tough gal. The apple does not fall from the tree, they say. Naomi has a lot of spunk, and she is quite bright.She is very fun as well.

William, 10, is a note-taking sweetheart. He does not have a selective memory at all. He remembers what he is told and even is motivated to fulfilling ideas that both his dad and I give him.



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